Three Modes of Kaabliotsija Frequencies

Three Modes of Kaabliotsija Frequencies

Cable locating requires for a worker to obtain deeper knowledge about kaabliotsija. In addition to understanding, an individual tasked to operate a cable locator should have the right of skill to get accurate cable locating readings. In order to get the job done right, one should not only know how to use the equipment, but also develop qualities that will contribute to precise kaabliotsija readings as well. It takes more than intuition when operating a sophisticated machine such as a cable locator. A worker will also need to exhibit a great sense of judgment to get it right all the time.

Aside from orientation and training in the use of cable locators, there are also tried-and-tested techniques that can guarantee you a good locate rather than a bad one. There are also means by which one can detect potential problems of a cable locator, which in turn may affect the accuracy and validity of readings too. Here is a short, but comprehensive look on fundamentals of cable locating and more helpful information about kaabliotsija.

In essence, there are three means by which kaabliotsija is used:

  • Direct connection technique
  • Induction method
  • Coupling technique

One crucial factor when obtaining readings accurately is that of identifying the ideal frequency. Getting the best signal from using a kaabliotsija is crucial so one can immediately detect the presence of pipe leaks or underground pipes. Basically, the signal grows weaker if the transmitter gets farther from the pipes and cables. A few elements that determine the rate of how fast a signal leaks off are as follows:

  • Condition of the soil (wet or dry)
  • Cable diameter
  • Signal frequency

The right frequency will depend on the general state and condition of the environment you are performing cable location:

  • Low frequency (<10kHz)

This frequency can be used in kaabliotsija in order to get the most accurate of cable readings in highly-congested spaces. By rule, it is recommended to set the kaabliotsija in lower frequencies if you plan on detecting underground pipes and cables in congested areas. In addition to being the most ideal frequency in tighter spaces, cable locators set in lower frequencies are perfect for covering long distances too. This is due to the fact that transmitter does not couple easily with cables installed underground.

  • Medium ( 30kHx- 90kHz)

This transmitter frequency is ideally used in tandem with the induction mode of kaabliotsija. One feature of setting transmitters to medium frequency is that of easy coupling with cables underground. In terms of distance, medium frequency is recommended if you are to cover ground one mil or shorter.

  • High Frequency (130kHz- 350kHz)

High frequencies for kaabliotsija is intended for cable readings under two conditions:

  • Perfect for shorter runs that require quick readings
  • Ideal to cover wider surface areas in order to locate all cables installed underground

Since high frequency transmissions attenuate or pick up signals rapidly, it is best to set the kaabliotsija at a lower frequency before increasing it between 130 kHz and 350 kHz.

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