Empower Your Child with Drama Classes

Empower your Child with Drama Classes

While 12 years of formal education does prepare you for many aspects of adult life, specific life-skills are gained from experience, and there are numerous ways that you can engage your child in worthwhile activities. If your son or daughter is outgoing and self-confident, why not enrol them in a drama class, as this will involve developing creatively within a group of like-minded people.

Exploring Hidden Talents

We are all unique in our own special ways and by becoming a member of Helen O’Grady drama classes, your child will be able to pursue their talents and understand what teamwork is all about. There are many aspects to creating a drama performance, such as:

  • Creating the storyline
  • Screenplay – screen writing
  • Acting – Dance & movement
  • Music and song
  • Technical Production – Lighting, audio and prop management
  • Making stage props

The students handle every stage of a production, which might be their own idea, or a rendition of a classic play, and under the watchful eye of a few professionals, the children are guided through the various stages of putting on a drama performance.

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Follow Their Interests

Every student is actively encouraged to pursue their own interests, which could be any of the above, and when working as a team, each member would have a specific role to play, and would likely work in a small group with other team members. When planning a drama performance, there will be obstacles to overcome and that is when personal development occurs, as the team work together to make the event a success.

A Fun Way to Learn Essential Skills

When a group of young people come together with a specific goal in mind such as putting on a show, they form lasting relationships with each other, indeed, many students re-enroll as soon as the performance is over, keen to be involved in yet another. This is a much better way to spend your free time than playing online games or watching movies, and with weekend classes, the kids form a bond with their course friends and facilitators.

If you would like to learn more about drama classes and what they entail, search online for a local organisation that offers such courses, and you can ask questions and read up about what they do on their website. If your child likes the sound of drama classes, you can enroll and set the ball rolling, which might result in your child developing a lifelong love of acting.

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